2015 Donors
We are grateful to the many donors and friends who gave their financial support in 2015. This list includes donors who have provided general support for the Foundation’s work as well as the names of organizations, businesses, foundations, trusts and government entities that contributed funds to enhance our work and impact in the community.

This list includes donors who have contributed to our initiatives and special programs including Jewish Women's Fund of Colorado, the Latino Community Foundation of Colorado,, Roots & Branches Foundation, Rose Women's Organization and Rose Youth Foundation.

We also thank the members of Rose Community Legacy Circle, a group of individuals who have chosen to leave a bequest or other type of planned gift to Rose Community Foundation.

18 Pomegranates
Laurie Abelman
Enid Ablowitz
Ellen and Stephen Abrams
Raydean Acevedo
Achieve, Inc.
Jose Aguayo
Alex and Ani, LLC
Sheryl and Milroy Alexander
Jacob Allen
Marcheta and David Almon
Tiffany and Jonathan Almon
The Aloha Foundation
Judy Altenberg and Bruce Plotkin
Linda Alvarado
Monica Alvidrez
Anonymous (7)
Anschutz Family Foundation
Cynthia and R. Jay Anthon
Christine Anthony and Dr. Chris Baranano
Nancy and Robert Anthony
Patrice and Tom Anthony
Suzanne Anthony
Midy Aponte
Risa and Hal Aqua
Aravaipa Venture Fund LLC
Scott Arnold
Wendy Aronson and Aaron Ney
Michael Asarch
Barbara and Morris Askenazi
Michele Askenazi
Aspen Community Foundation
The Aspen Institute
Jennifer Atler Fischer and Michael Fischer
Ben Aussenberg
Tateme Babi
Patricia Baca
Polly Baca
Katie Bailey
Ronnie Banks
Elise and Brian Barish
Brett Barrowman
Mary Ellen and John Barry
Susan Bassow and Eric Fajer
Claude Beeler, Jr.
Ellen Beller
Cody Belzley
Bender Foundation, Inc.
Joy and Rich Benenson
Kathy and Gerald Berenstein
Alana Helene Berland
Leslie and Alan Berlinberg
Maria Garcia Berry
Lucinda Biddinger
Dori Biester
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Erica and Brenton Birk
Ryan Blakemore
Jordan Block
Matt Bloom
Meredith Bloomberg
The Blue Bench
Lynn Waterman Blum and Dennis Blum
Amy Blumsack
B'nai Havurah - CJRF
Cathy and Bruce Boody
The Bookies Bookstore LTD
Juana Bordas
Miriam Bornstein and Oscar Somoza
Tobey Borus
Boulder Jewish Community Center
Brett Family Foundation
The Bright Mountain Foundation
Tracy Brooks
Toni Broughton
Linnea Brown
Sara Laughlin Brown
Elizabeth Bruno
Stephanie Bruno
Minna Buck
Caryl Buckstein
Sheila and Richard Bugdanowitz
Diana Buirski
Jane Butcher
Cristen Calamari
Catherine Canny
Caring for Colorado Foundation
Judith Cassel-Mamet and Samuel Mamet
Gayle Ann Holmes Caylor
John Chain
Chambers Family Fund
Stacey and Cary Chapman
Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation
Paige and Marco Chayet
Citywide Banks
Robin Clark
Kristopher Clemons
Susan Cobb
Melvin Coffee
Judy and Dr. Harvey Cohen
Morey Cohen
Nancy Cohen and James Wason
Renee and Dan Cohen
Terri Cohen and Brent Slosky
Wendy and Steven Cohen
Yael Cohen
Lisa Reckler Cohn and Richard Cohn
Betsey and Charles Coleman
Lily Siegel-Gardner Coleman
Alice Collins
Colorado Ballet
Colorado Department of Higher Education
Colorado Department of Human Services
Colorado Department of Labor and Employment
The Colorado Health Foundation
Colorado Housing and Finance Authority
Colorado Nonprofit Association
The Colorado Trust
Joanne Colorosa
Community First Foundation
Congregation Beth Evergreen
Whitney and Chris Connor
Brenda Conway
Gay Cook
Dr. Mary Cook
Toni and David Cook
Elizabeth Cooper
Patricia and Steve Corder
Mark Cordova
Rachel Cordova
Aubrey Cornelius
Cottonwood Institute
Valerie and Joseph Couch
Mary Gittings Cronin
Andrew Currie
Gay and Barry Curtiss-Lusher
Sue and Tim Damour
Daniels Fund
Phillip Danielson and Carlos Martinez
Vicki and David Dansky
Maxine and Fred Davine
Barbara Mellman Davis and Lee Davis
Martha Davis and Richard Sayrs
Sarah and Brandon Davison-Tracy
DaVita HealthCare Partners Inc.
Elizabeth DeLeon
Joshua Demby
Xiaoou Deng
The Denver Foundation
Denver Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce
Denver Urban Ministries
Kate and Josh Dinar
Emory Dinner
Discount Windows & Siding, Inc.
Melissa DuBois
Jo Ann Duffy
Education Reform Now
Sharon and William Elfenbein
Therese and Jeff Ellery
Jane and Earl Elliot, Jr.
Nan Ellis
Amy Engelman
Eve Roth Epstein
Ernst & Young
Todd Fahnestock
Karen and Scott Fast
Renee Fazzari
Ken Feiler
Robin Filipczak
Benjamin Finan
Mira Finé
Lee Fisher-Rosenberg
Jesse Fishman
Karen Flaxer
Dick Fleming
Lisa Flores and Rick Tallman
Peggy Floyd and Jay Timber Floyd
Ford Foundation
David French
Elizabeth Freudenthal and Masen Uliss
Jeanne Friedman
Fundraising Event Network LLC
Jean and Dr. Ben Galloway
Anne and Charles Garcia
Annette Quintana and Leonard Silverston
Lisa Quiroz Garcia and Guy Garcia
Olga Garcia
Susan Garcia
Dalia Garfinkel
Marjorie and Thomas Gart
Patrick Gaston
Gates Family Foundation
Tim Gaudette
Noah Geisel
Susan and Gregory Geissler
Sharon and Theodore Gelt
Anait Geroglanian
Shannon Gifford and Jerrold Glick
Alison and Paul Gillis
Girl Scouts of Colorado
Michael Glassman
Wendy and Bruce Glazer
Polly Selber Gleichenhaus
Robin and Ken Glickstein
Global Health Foundation, Inc.
Josh Gold
Katherine Gold
Dr. Jan Goldberg
Lezlie Goldberg
Aaron Goldhamer
Natalie and Stephen Goldman
Lynda Goldstein
Robert Goldstein
Shari and Scott Goldstein
Priscilla Gomez
Armando Gonzales
Jean and Andrew Gonzales
Leticia Gonzales
Michele Gonzales and John Belt
Julia and Dr. Jonathan Gordon
Kay and Louis Grant
Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees
GreatSchools, Inc.
Cindy Greenberg
Rachel Griego
Kathy Griffin
Renee Gross
Amanda Grovert
Celeste and Jack Grynberg
Rachael Gurian
Amy and Kyler Haines
Cathleen Hall
Lauren Handler
Alexis Harrigan
Sarah Hartford
Anita and Douglas Hartwig
John Hastings
Anna Jo Haynes
Saundra and Dr. Arnold Heller
Joan and Mark Henneberry
Craig Herr
Nancy and Larry Herzel
Arlene and Barry Hirschfeld
Hispanics in Philanthropy
Marci Hladik
HMG Strategy, LLC
Alexander Hoffman
Susan and Peter Hoffman
Elizabeth and Michael Hogan
Rachel Holden
HomeAdvisor, Inc.
Katie Terrazas Hoover
Sally Hopper
Courtney and Eric Hoskins
Katie and Matt Hoster
Irene Ibarra and Armando Quiroz
Ibotta, Inc.
ICON Gala Awards
Karen Iker
Sarah Indyk and Charlie Miller
InnoVest Portfolio Solutions, Inc.
Eddie Jacques
Ron James
The Jay & Rose Phillips Family Foundation of Colorado
Susan Jenson
Jess and Rose Kortz and Pearle Rae Foundation
Jim Joseph Foundation
Alicia Jirón and Lynnette Woodbury
Bodie Johnson
Christy Johnson
Kathleen Johnson
Margaret and Kent Johnson
Trevor Johnson
Susie and Bruce Johnston
Kathryn Johnstone
Barclay Jones
Christy Jones
Helayne and Larry Jones
Mary Jones
Bradley Joseph
Lisa Joseph
JPMorgan Chase Foundation
E. James Judd
Kahn Family Fund
Kaiser Permanente
Beverly and Paul Kanaly
Linda Kaplan and Arnold Reinstein
Rana and Andy Kark
Shellie Kark
Shanna Katz Kattari
Erin and Seth Katz
Alonit Katzman
Avi Kaye
Rhonda and Rabbi Jeffrey Kaye
Tamara and Dustin Keenan
Michael Kelley
Rachel Kelley
Jennifer and Nicholas Kemp
Kristy Key
Zachary Kiefer
Nanette and David Kikumoto
Paul Kim
Felix Kishinevsky
Roberta and Dr. Melvyn Klein
Sophie Klein
Wendy and Michael Klein
Kathy and Rob Klugman
Koelbel & Company
Lauren and DJ Koeller
Judith and David Koff
Jennifer Dinn Korman and Dr. David Korman
Lisa and Bradley Kornfeld
Mary Lou and Donald Kortz
P.J. Kovach
Kenny Kresl
Sarah Krivel
Lynn Kuhn and David Taenzer
Kay Lynn Kuper
Jason Kuri
Mitzi and Stephen Kurtz
Christopher Ladd
Johanna and Manuel Ladis
Susan Lanzer
Lario Oil & Gas Company
Sharon Larson
Karen and Steve Leaffer
Matthew LeBauer
Ann Lederer and Robert Hickler
Kelli and Wayne Lee
Mary Lee and Jay Schusterman
Gaye and John Leonard
Laure and Scott Levin
Diane and Steven Levine
Alyssa Levy
Laurie Levy
William Lindsay III
Paula and David Little
Johanna Llewellyn
Avi Loewenstein
Catherine and David Loger
Donna Jo Long
MaryGrace Longoria
Janet Lopez and Doug Vilsack
Carol Luinstra
Elsa Holguín Lucero and Ed Lucero
Karen and Robert Luke
Evelyn and Evan Makovsky
Ruth Malman and Dr. Michael Opatowski
Mandell L. and Madeleine H. Berman Foundation
Don Mares
Lilly and Bruce Marks
Christine Marquez-Hudson and Andrew Hudson
Elizabeth Baltimore Martin
Lisa Martinez
The Honorable Michael A. Martinez
The Marvin Naiman and Margery Goldman Family Foundation
Sarah Masinter
Dr. Jody Mathie and John Hoffman
Joanne Posner Mayer
Miriam Mazel and Mark Hockenberg
Cheryl and Wayne McDonald
Michele McGould
Marjorie McIntosh
Sandy Melnick
Mending Faces
Mental Health Colorado
Merage Foundations
Laura and David Merage
Michael S. and Katherine V. Johnson Fund
Bobbi and Michael Miller
Lisa Farber Miller and David Miller
Maggie Miller
Julie Milliken
The Estate of Elaine Millman
Jennifer and Jeff Moe
Doreen Molk
Nina and Dr. Kevin Molk
Naomi and Ronald Montoya
Andrea Herrera Moreno
Debora and Ronald Morey
Ellen and David Morgan
Lisa and Luke Morgan
Morris J. Krohn Memorial Foundation
Morse Family Foundation
Elizabeth Moser
Michael Moses
Brooke and Michael Murphy
Debra and Stephen Murphy
Museum of Contemporary Art Denver
Doug Myers
Kathryn Nash
Jeffery Nathanson
Adrian Nava
Andrea Nelson
Kathy Neustadt
New Belgium Brewing Company
Marissa and Mark Newhouse
Newman Family Foundation
New York Community Trust
Carrie Nolan
Justin Novak
Barbara and Neil Oberfeld
Eileen O'Brien
Denise O'Leary and Kent Thiry
Oreg Foundation
Debora Ortega
Blake O'Shaughnessy
Michael O'Shaughnessy
R.J. Owen
Angela and Keith Oxenreider
Karen and Miguel Paciuc
Gloria Padilla de Garcia and Jim Garcia
Julie Palmer
Susan Parker
Lisa and Chris Payne
Scott Peikin
Sister Lydia Peña
Mario Pener
Angell Perez
Personal Assistance Services of Colorado
Carla and Nelson Pickrell
The Piton Foundation at Gary Community Investments
Shawna Plate
Lorena Davila Poling and Gary Poling
Debra Pollock
Helene and David Pollock
Sarah and Ronald Pool
Jennie Pourchot
Eric Powell
Brooke Powers
Mark Price
Morris Price, Jr.
Quandry Medical
Quest Diagnostics, Inc.
Melinda Quiat
Scott Raderstorf
Lila Rauch
Ready Foods Incorporated
Dr. Barbara Reed
Diane Hanfling Reed
Sandra Horowitz Reiff
Kent Regens
Leslie and James Regens
Priscilla Resendiz
Adina and Dr. Eli Reshotko
Amanda Reyes
Douglas Reznick
Mark Richards
Artemio Rimando
Jeannie Ritter and the Honorable Bill Ritter
Patricia Barela Rivera
RLC Foundation
Robert E. Loup Jewish Community Center
Lisa and John Robinson
Marcia and Richard Robinson
Debbie and Robert Rodriguez
Trinidad Rodriguez
Xochil Rodriquez-Villapando
Michael Rollins
Jane and George Romberg
Linda Romero
Robin and Lance Rommerdahl
Mike Roque
Miriam Rosenblum
Molly Ross
Talya and Dean Rotbart
Julie Rowland
Ilana Simon Rubin and Terry Rubin
Gloria Rubio-Cortes and Michael Cortes
Adrienne Russman
Lori Sabian and Robert Goldstein
Shannon and Todd Sainer
LaPhonso Salas
Salazar Family Foundation
Barbara Santella
Jo Schaalman and Adam Goodman
Amy Schaeffer
Michele and Jordan Scharg
Dena and Frank Schneider
Joel Schulz
Emma and Christian Schwarz
Jay Schweikert
Daniel Seatvet
Marsha See
Marilyn and Howard Selinger
Julie Selsberg
Becky and Dr. Samuel Senti
Bev Shafer
Shalom Cares
Mary and John Shelley
C. Sheneman
Litamae Sher
Rachel Shields
Yasuko and John Shimizu
Dr. William Shiovitz
Dr. Stephen Shogan
Judith and Martin Shore
Allison Shpall
Leslie and Mark Sidell
Gail Sigman
Susan Sigmon
Darlene Silver
Dale and Robert Silverberg
Danielle Silverston
Luis Simbana
Snell & Wilmer
Hannah Solomon
Ronald Solomon
Russanne and Weston Solomon
Dr. Sherrie Somers
Alison Sorkin
George Sparks
Square, Inc.
Barbara Stader and Gary Gurian
Chris Stakem
Ronald Stakem
Stanford University
Mary Stein
Dara Steinberg
Ilana Steinberg and Ray Merenstein
Betty Lou Stewart
Leslie and Gary Stiefler
E. D. Stinson
A. Beckett Stokes and Andy Seelaus
Elizabeth Straub
Strear Family Foundation
Anne Strobridge
Adam Strunk
Sturm Family Foundation
Judith and Meyer Sussman
Leighann and Brent Sutton
Molly Sutton
Allison and Alex Talavera
Nora Tang
Brian Tannenbaum
Tony Tapia
Heather Taussig and Brett Miller
Lisa and Dr. Lynn Taussig
Temple Emanuel
Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation
Temple Micah
Andrew Thangasamy
Thendara Foundation
Wendy and Tom Thorpe
Sue and Don Timberlake
Katherine Touff
Peggi and Michael Touff
Susan and Dr. Ronald Townsend
Tracker Resource Development, LLC
Joshua Trager
Jaime Travis-Heller and Peter Heller
The Two Lillies Fund
Sonya Ulibarri
Tammy Uren
U.S. Bank Private Client Reserve
U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management
Lizelle va Vuuren
Ben Valore-Caplan
Kate Van Daele
Louise Vandaveer
Rene Jones Vassar
Christian Veillette
Jennifer Vervier
ViaWest Inc.
Priscilla Montoya Vitello
Stephen Von Merz
Carin and Alex Wagner
Gail Wagner
Dr. Heidi Wald and Philip Weiser
Irit and Dr. Arthur Waldbaum
Samantha Walsh
S. Raisen Walsh
The Walton Family Foundation
Jeff Ware
Emily Wasserman
Tamara and Kenneth Weil
Michael Weiner
Harriet Weirich
Faye Weitzman and James Rubin
Elizabeth and Edward Wells
Wells Fargo Foundation
Anita and Scott Wesley
Nancy Westerman
Kathryn Whitaker and Monte Moses
Elizabeth and Miller White
Kathryn White
Robert White
Roxane White
Jennifer and David Wiener
Wilbanks Reserve Corporation
Jeanne and Donald Wilde
Jana and Brian Wilkinson
Shana Willis
Laurie and Ross Wilson
Stefanie Winfield
W.K. Kellogg Foundation
The Women's Foundation of Colorado
Amy Halperin Wood
Margaret Woodhull
Michael Woody
Xcel Energy
Dr. Eileen Yager
Jane and Stephen Yakots
Daniela Young
Teresa and Gary Yourtz
Larry Zahn
Mary Zahn
Rosie Zahn
Tony Zahn
Will Zahn
Brian Zales
Dayanira Zavala
JoAnn Zell
Kellie Zell and Scott Peppet
Sara and Alfred Zimmerman
Dayna Zolle
Lisa Zolle
Jennifer Zucker