After learning more about our requirements and process as well as our guidelines, we encourage applicants to speak to a program officer prior to submitting an application to discuss their program, project or organization.


We accept applications for programs that serve the seven-county Greater Denver area of Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas and Jefferson Counties. Programs with a broader geographic focus may apply, however, the application must address its relevance to people living within these seven counties.

Applicants should be either a charitable nonprofit organization with tax-exempt classification from the Internal Revenue Service or a tax-supported institution such as a school or government agency.

New or emerging organizations are permitted to apply using a tax-exempt organization as fiscal sponsor. Fiscal sponsors assume legal and financial responsibility for the activities of a person or group engaged in work that furthers the fiscal sponsor’s mission. Periodic written reports document the actual expenditures of grant funds and progress toward accomplishing the purpose of the grant.

Organizations may have only one application pending at any given time. For larger entities such as universities, school systems or government institutions, we will consider only one application from individual departments, schools or agencies at a time.

Grant applicants should adhere to the format and content specifications in these guidelines. Applications that are incomplete will not be considered. Prospective grantees are notified of incomplete applications. Learn more about submitting your application.


We will generally not support:

  • Grants to individuals or endowments, including academic chairs and scholarships
  • Grants to one organization to be passed to another
  • Annual appeals or membership drives
  • Fundraisers and other one-time events
  • Financial support for political candidates

An application will not be accepted if:

  • Reports for a prior grant to the organization/program in question are past due
  • The same applicant has other applications pending

Grant Amounts

Grant amounts vary considerably and depend on many factors. Some important considerations include the applicant organization's program budget, the consistency of the program's goals with our priorities, and the amount of support the program is receiving from other sources. Organizations should submit applications requesting a reasonable amount of financial support for efforts that most closely match our priorities, which are outlined within each program area’s guidelines. We are rarely the sole funder of a project and encourage applicants to develop a variety of individual, government and private funding sources for projects.

Deadlines, Process and Response Time

We do not have submission deadlines. After reviewing a grant application and ensuring it is complete, our grants manager assigns each application to the appropriate program officer, who may, at his or her discretion, request additional information and/or arrange a visit with the applicant’s organization.

Our program officers are available via telephone and email for discussion prior to submission of a grant, and such contact is encouraged. Our program committees and board of trustees meet regularly to review grant requests. However, prospective grantees are strongly discouraged from directly approaching committee members or trustees about grant applications.

In general, we complete the grant decision-making process within four months after receiving a complete application, or within six months for capital requests.

Capital Projects

We require organizations seeking capital funds for renovation, new construction, and/or land acquisition to go through a two-tier application process. Organizations must first submit a one-page letter of introduction outlining the project for our program staff to review prior to submitting an application.

Learn more about capital projects eligibility and our two-tier application process.