Guided Family Giving

Connecting your family, financial and community values.

Philanthropy is a powerful tool for building a family’s legacy and ensuring its values are passed on to future generations. As families grow and change, their philanthropic interests also evolve. Through our Guided Family Giving service, our philanthropic advisors guide families through a meaningful process that leads to group discovery of shared values and a giving plan that engages everyone. We meet families where they are at, understanding that relationship and communication dynamics play a key role in the process. Our giving plan is customized to meet the unique needs of every family.

For nearly 20 years, Rose Community Foundation has been guiding individuals, organizations and families to help them identify and achieve their philanthropic goals. We invite you to learn more about working effectively across generations to empower and engage families in constructive and inspiring conversations that enhance their giving.

To learn more about Guided Family Giving at Rose Community Foundation, please contact Vicki Dansky.