ProComp in Denver

In 2005, after Denver voters approved funding, Denver Public Schools (DPS) and the Denver Classroom Teachers Association (DCTA), designed and built the Professional Compensation System for Teachers (ProComp), a performance-based teacher career and compensation system.

One of the first of such programs in the nation, ProComp provides school-wide and individual teacher incentives in areas such as school performance and growth, student growth, earning advanced degrees and PDUs (Professional Development Units), tuition reimbursement and serving in High Needs schools.

In 2014, the DPS and the DCTA released a report from the Design Team for Compensation and Career Pathways. This working group comprised of teachers and principals was selected by the DPS and the DCTA to consider potential changes to ProComp. The team met nine times over four months to review both Denver’s current system as well as compensation systems in other districts and other public service and non-profit sectors. The release of this report marks the beginning of discussions around ProComp in anticipation of the renewal and renegotiation of the ProComp agreement.  Read the full report from the Design Team for Compensation and Career Pathways (PDF).

Rose Community Foundation and ProComp

As part of our commitment to the recruitment, growth and retention of effective teachers, Rose Community Foundation has played a critical role it the labor-management collaboration and design of ProComp, investing over four million dollars in the program over the last ten years.  Read more about our work with ProComp.

Outside Evaluation

Catalyst for Change: Pay for Performance in Denver Final Report - a longitudinal study of impact of performance-based compensation on student achievement, teacher effectiveness, and systemic change. (PDF)

Making a Difference in Education Reform: ProComp External Evaluation Report- a comprehensive evaluation of ProComp's initial years of implementation. (PDF)

ProComp Teachers' Perspectives - summary document (PDF)
ProComp Teacher Perspectives on Design, Usability and Impact - Focus Group Findings, Implications & Recommendations (PDF)